My favourite vegan protein supplements

Protein supplementation can be very important to us vegans. Though it is perfectly possible to consume enough protein from your regular diet, it can be very nice to sometimes just slurp a protein shake with 20+ grams of high-quality protein without too many calories.

Some people also have difficulties to stomach the amount of food needed to get to the needed amount of protein. 

Besides that, it's probably also important to realise that a protein supplementation can give you not only the right amount of protein, but the right types of protein. More specifically, the essential amino acids humans need to efficiently build and maintain muscle mass. I explain all of this here

So though most of you don't need convincing that a protein supplement can be effective, you often wonder which brand is best and which type you should be drinking. I find a few aspects important when choosing protein supplements:

  • Price - Paying too much for protein supplements is a waste. You should always balance price out against the other factors. 
  • Quality - A high quality protein source is important to get the right amount and type of nutrients you need.
  • Flavour & Ingredients - I think 95% of you guys agree when I say your shake has to taste at least okay. If it taste's like lab waste, I'm not buying.  Ingredients can also be very important. Eco-friendly ingredients would be ideal. 
  • Vitamins & Minerals - Some protein supplementations have added vitamins and minerals. How nice is that!
  • The company itself - I often choose to support a company with a good reputation when it comes to its products. A bonus to me would be if the company is involved in eco-friendly projects or has eco-friendly products. A 100% vegan company gets double bonus, of course :) 

So taking these into account, I have got a small list of my favourite protein supplements ready! You should definitely choose from this list, they are in my opinion really great supplements! I've tried all the supplements below and I don't recommend anything I wouldn't use myself. Click on the product names to go to their website.

My Protein Vegan Blend 

MyProtein is a trusted commercial brand many gym-goers know, use and trust. I've been a long term client and I've been mostly satisfied about their products. A downside to this blend can be taste. It's good, but it can feel very "grainy" to some drinkers. The price is great though and the quality is also very good. Great for people with soy intolerance, as it's made of everything but soy. 

My rating: 7/10



Bloomfoods is an amazing startup with a great protein shake. It tastes really good(!!), it's 100% eco-friendly and it has a lot of added vitamins and minerals. Though the protein content is relatively low (27 grams per 400 calories), it's a really great way to get high quality nutrients in your diet. It's very affordable and the company is of course completely plant-based. 

My rating: 8.5/10


Body & Fit Soy Protein Isolate

Body&Fit is a very competitive commercial brand with a variety of products. BF doesn't only sell it's own brand, it re-sells almost every popular brand in the fitness industry. Because it's commercial, you'll find especially affordable products. The quality is often pretty good. It's not a vegan company, but the vegan range had been growing and that's really good for the commercialisation of vegan products. I support that!

My rating: 7/10


Sunwarrior Raw Protein Blend

Sunwarrior is a company that is very popular in the US. It's dedicated to the plant-based lifestyle and combines a raw-food approach with this as well. A very committed and planet-friendly company with high-quality protein supplements. Vanilla and chocolate taste especially great! This brand is probably the most delicious brand I have tried so far. The ingredients are of course raw and eco-friendly.  

My rating: 8/10


MyProtein BCAA/L-Leucine

MyProtein is not new anymore, so I'll skip that part. BCAA's and L-Leucine are very important supplements, especially for vegans. Though they taste a little bit chemical, it's a sacrifice worth making for the benefits of the supplement itself. You should always use BCAA/L-leucine in addition to another protein supplement. Don't take them together though, you will get a very horrible taste (been there, done that)

My rating: 8/10

So this is my small list of favourite protein supplements. I will definitely add more lists of other stuff you should definitely try! Think about different vitamins & minerals, protein bars, vegan snacks and anything else that will help you towards your goals. Are there other lists you would like to see? Let me know in the comments or feel free to e-mail me!