"Chicken" Burger


Winner winner chicken dinner.. or not? This is a vegan chicken burger that will not disappoint! It's tasty and warm, ideal for a lunch break! 

Try making these with smaller buns to get delicious mini-"chicken" burgers!



Macro- & micronutrients:

  • 215 calories
  • Protein: 16g
  • Carbs: 32g
  • Fat: 1g
  • Fibre: 6g
  • High in Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Thiamin !


  • 1 round bread or pistolette (±50 grams)
  • 10 grams grated carrots
  • 10 grams lettuce mix
  • 50 grams Vivera vegan chicken schnitzel
  • 20 mL ketchup


  1. Cut the Vivera schnitzel and add the Vivera schnitzel to a hot pan, fry it for 2-3 minutes per side
  2. Bake the round bread or pistolette for 5 minutes in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius
  3. Cut the bread in two and add the schnitzel, the veggies and the ketchup
  4. Enjoy! :) 


Would you try out this "chicken" burger? Let me know! 

Claudio FrayComment