NIKE: Stop Exercising, Start Training!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I really want to achieve as a Personal Trainer /Coach and as a human being in general. I think, as a coach, the most valuable thing I have that I can teach others is consciousness. Not as in being awake, but a more deeper meaning than that: being aware of every important detail in your life. And most importantly: the power and control you have over your life. 

As a coach I have been aching to work together with a brand that can really convey this message in a way that feels original and true to me. I have been asked by Nike to do a duo shoot with Debbie to feature their latest product innovation. The newest Nike Free shoe and Hypercool training gear for Nike's awesome campaign:


To me, training is having a certain level of control over your life, which is empowering.  To me, training means that every time I repeat my craft and my art, I wake up and I get ready to absolutely dash towards my goals and ambitions, all while enjoying the present. Training is my hobby and passion, so to me exercising feels sub-par. 

Training is more than a repeated action. It is also a lifestyle. It is something you want to do to feel good in that hour of hard work and to feel good afterwards. You need the best gear to convey and facilitate this lifestyle. I got to test the Nike Free Trainer V7 training sneakers and a few items from the Hypercool collection in the gym and I am very excited about this gear. 

The Nike Free Trainer V7 are really comfortable training shoes with a soft but steady feel to it. Every step you take feels empowering, because you really look and feel amazing. The stretchy material of the training shoes adapts to the shape of your feet. My feet are pretty broad, so finding a right pair can be a nightmare. Not this time. This was the perfect fit. 

The Hypercool collection is also the best gear out there. I have tried different brands, but nothing compares to the soft but durable material Nike uses. The tanktop, tights and shorts really feel like a second skin. No floppy clothing that stands in the way of making perfectly executed movements for the best training you can get.

So I am 100% overboard. The message, the looks and the feels. This is just the beginning. Every goal I have, I will surpass. What about you?