Inspiration: Xandria Ooi

I'm going to be brutally honest. I am a sucker for overthinking. If my mind were a cartoon, it would probably be the Road Runner, on drugs. Round and round, spin and twist. When things are good, they are great. When things are bad, they are catastrophic. As you grow up, you realise as a human being that you need peace and quiet when things overcome you. Though all of us in the fitness industry stimulate rational thinking and the power of making your own choices, there is still a great deal of things that are out of your control. 

Power and control, that's our struggle. When something bad happens to us, we lose control and want to regain power. But how do we recover from something bad and can we learn anything from it? Super vague, but listen to Xandria Ooi. She is a brilliant woman with a perm-smile on her face! She can very clearly (and in a very Asian manner- with stories) explain how and why something bad can lead to something good. So if you think you hit rock bottom, listen to this enlightened lady.

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