Personal Update: Vegan Burgers & More!

Last weekend I finally did it: I made the step from plant-based to vegan. Hoorah! I've tried eating vegan before for about a month, and I was kind of happy it was over. Now, after about two years, I am very happy to be vegan permanently. I've taken it step by step, but last weekend it just felt like the right time to start. I'm ready to help make the world a little bit better, one man at the time :-D


I have to say there are a few things I will miss. I was never a fan of meat, but the single most delicious thing in the entire world was definitely BURGERS. A sweet, delicious, juicy burger with as much cheese as I can. And mayonaise, hngggggg. 

The great thing about being vegan is that you get to reinvent yourself and all of your favourite dishes. It got me thinking outside of the box and to get creative. Yesterday, I was at my brother's house hanging out with my sister and a friend of my brother's. We got this idea to go get junk food. But yeah, little problem is: I'm vegan now. So how do I satiate my craving for a burger and keep my surrounding happy as well? VEGAN BURGERS!




We went to the "Vegetarian Snackbar" in The Hague, where I currently live. And though I don't usually expect much of vegan food (or food in general) when I go out, the pressure was on to show my brother, sister and his friends that vegan food can be manly and delicious. 

And yeah. Nailed it! I had a vegan Hawaii Burger and it was absolutely insane. I loved every bite of the burger, with lots of greens and a sweet and sour sauce. And the pineapple of course. The only thing that was missing, was the vegan cheese the cook forgot to drop on my burger. Imagine my sadness. 






Also, last week I have officially started my VEGAN BODYBUILDING PREPARATION. I am going to compete in a second bodybuilding competition and I am going to do it 100% vegan. All plants, no animals. The plan is to build up more muscle in the next 12 weeks, and after that it's time to start lowering my body fat. But for now I am going to just focus on the here and now. This phase: bulking up some more on only plants.

I'm kind of excited to be adding a new dimension to something I love so much. And anyone who knows me, knows I don't know quitting. I only know setbacks So, will you follow me through on this? 

Until the next update! 



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