WIN - Personalised Training & Meal Plans

My readers are pretty damn awesome! When I started my website and when I started my blog, I had little over a hundred readers. That's not too bad, but I was certainly aiming for higher numbers. 

Now, I am fairly close to a thousand unique readers every month. That's insane! It just hit me that a thousand individuals could fill up a medium sized club. All of them read my blog, find interesting stuff and for some reason mail me questions and ask me for advise (why don't you guys just publicly comment though....). 

Last week I gave you guys two examples of properly and carefully designed training schedules. However, I explained in both cases that a certain level of personalisation is most definitely desired for you to get the absolute best you can get. Don't get me wrong, if you meet the criteria given for a "standard" workout it may work very well for you. But well and best are two different things of course ;) 

Because of that I want to give you guys something cool for being such faithful readers. I am giving away TWO prizes!! 

This is my way of saying thanks and my way of promising that there is MUCH more to come ;) How do you enter? Simple: 1) Like my instagram page 2) Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram page why you want to win. The most crazy, funny, inspiring or honest answer will get picked by me before FRIDAY. If you use the hashtag #teamfray you get double chances of winning ;) 

Good luck!