Full Body Routine - Advanced

Yesterday I shared a beginner/intermediate routine with you guys and the response was pretty great. Some more advanced readers out there were probably left a little in the dark, so I decided to make an example of an advanced routine as well.

Just like yesterday's routine, I am always very clear that a certain "example" of a proper training schedule is always sub-par to a schedule fully optimised for your needs. If you are a healthy, injury-free gym-goer looking to put on some mass or drop some body fat, you will be fine. As long as you are at a more advanced level (2+ years of proper training experience).

If you want some more focus on a certain body part, you can mail me your question and I will be happy to respond.

A few personalisation tips:

  • If you are a woman, you should add about 2 reps to every exercise. Women can more easily resist higher training volumes
  • If you are extremely advanced (5+ years), you can easily do this routine 5-6x per week. 
  • If you are injured while you follow this training, don't completely stop doing an exercise. Reduce your load and keep going. 


Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments guys!