Full Body Routine - Beginners/Intermediate

Some of you guys have been asking me for an example of what a training schedule might look like. I usually have a hard time giving anyone a certain "example" of a good training schedule, since there are quite some factors that decide wether or not a training is cut out for you or not.

Nevertheless, there is a certain example to be made, given you are a healthy and injury-free gym-goer looking to either put on some mass or drop body fat. As a beginner or intermediate, I would usually recommend something like this:

If you want some more focus on a certain body part, you can mail me your question and I will be happy to respond.

A few personalisation tips:

  • If you are a woman, you should add about 2 reps to every exercise. Women can more easily resist higher training volumes
  • If you are a solid intermediate (1-2 years proper training experience!) you should add 1 set to every exercise
  • If you are injured while you follow this training, don't completely stop doing an exercise. Reduce your load and keep going. 


Happy training !