I'm not afraid to fail

You know what is a proper luxury nowadays? Failing. And I don't mean failing as in failing a test. I am talking about serious failures. Disaster around friends, relationships, work and other major theme's in your life. 

Failing has such a scary thing to it. It is basically society telling us we are not good enough at something. Or that we are not good enough, period. No, scratch that. Failure is more often our brain telling us we are not worth it. 

But you know what happens to you when you fail, over and over again? Do you know what happens when you question yourself so intensely that you don't really know who you are anymore? And do you know what happens when you (think you) hit rock bottom? MAGIC. And though you won't believe it when it happens to you, in retrospect you will.

I've had my fair share of failures. I've experienced a brush with a burn out twice already, I've failed at relationships with friends and lovers and I have definitely made some wrong moves regarding my career. I've spent nights crying my eyeballs out and cursing at the heavens. I've battled depression and I've allowed abuse. And all of that means nothing at all if you do not get the hell up and make up something good of it. It may be tragic, but you have to make the good come out. No matter the tragedy, only YOU can get up and take control of your life.


In those moments, in those desperate moments, I have learned to be STRONG. I have learned to be GOOD. I must be good at my craft. I must FAIL and fail again in order to become good. I learned the hard way that your comfort zone is a zone that you shouldn't linger in too long. Comfort doesn't bring CHANGE. Movement and resistance does. Now, I am truly fearless.

And the beautiful thing is that it is all true only if you believe it is. In spite of all of these failures, I have risen every time for the single purpose of potentially reaching greater heights.

And for greater heights, I'll gladly take another dive. 







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